Incontinence Underwear Can You Use It For Your Periods?

If you are one of those women who are incontinent during periods. Keep in mind that great panties are available to help with heavy flow and regular bathroom breaks. Incontinence underwear is also a great solution if you often feel humiliated when changing your pad or pillow in open toilets, or if you don’t want to take anything to the toilet while visiting friends or family. We need to dig deeper into incontinence underwear and how it can help you with your period.

What is urinary incontinence underwear?

It is a type of underwear that looks like a few fighters but is waterproof and breathable. Consequently, they aim to give people with urinary incontinence the opportunity and comfort they need while wearing clothes. In any case, menstrual underwear has recently been developed to take an unexpected position compared to traditional incontinence underwear. The underwear is exceptionally designed to securely hold women’s pads, pillows, or utensils inside, allowing women to wear underwear like any other underwear.

How can this work?

Another item designed to help women who shed during the day is menstrual underwear. It is a type of underwear incontinence where the lining is on the inside instead of the outside. The lining is made of cotton which does not absorb liquids like a tampon. Assuming you think about how this works, here are the correct steps:

1. Put on your underwear as usual, with the sheath facing your body.

2. Change the pad or tampon you wear when your period comes and place it on the wet area of your menstrual underwear i.e. where there is now an opening.

3. Perfect yourself and dry yourself first, for example when changing a woman’s pad or tampon.

4. You will have to wash them several times a day and throw them on your clothes if they get too wet.
it is comfortable

JuJu underwear is a comfortable and gentle way to track your menstrual cycle. Made from a breathable cotton and spandex blend for maximum comfort. With JuJu underwear, no one will know you’re on your period, as the pad is hidden in the mesh of the underwear. With our underwear, you also have the option of wearing similar items during your menstrual period. The cushions are available in two sizes: small 3-6 and large 8-12.

Can I use it during the period?

JuJu Time Frame underwear is meant to be used as a feminine pillow, so if that’s not what you’re looking for, yes! Completely different from traditional cotton and paper feminine pillows, JuJu underwear is made with an innovative fabric known as telltale filaments that is thin, breathable, and odorless. The menstrual underwear also has an antimicrobial coating that inhibits bacterial growth and keeps your underwear looking and feeling new.

How do I really focus on incontinence underwear?

For the incontinent, truly focusing on underwear is like focusing on truly traditional underwear.

. Gently wash the garment in cold water and detergent, then rinse well and allow it to air dry.

. Before washing, turn the garment inside out to preserve the weave inside the garment.

. You can wash your underwear and other clothes worn in your monthly cycle, as long as they are always clean.

Where can I buy incontinence underwear?

You can buy underwear from different places, usually, you want to know which type of incontinence underwear is best for your body. au to shop for beautiful underwear. There is a big difference between adults and diapers, so take a look at the packaging to make sure the type of underwear offers the right level of safety. Menstrual panties also come in different sizes and levels of permeability and this is stated above the name.


Menstrual underwear is a type of feminine pad or tampon designed to be worn under your normal, regular dress. It’s ideal for women who don’t like putting a bulky pillow or pad in the closet and want to wear something more comfortable under their clothes.

This type of incontinence underwear is generally considered to be the smarter choice, and many people find it more comfortable than using traditional pads or tampons on a daily basis.

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