Acquisition of a news agency?

Acme Corporation announced today that it has acquired news agency ABC a news agency for an undisclosed sum of money. This acquisition will significantly bolster Acme’s standing in the eyes of its customers and ensure continued growth in the future. The president of Acme, Allen Learner, had this to say about the acquisition: Our customers trust us to bring them accurate and unbiased news, and we think this move will allow us to do that even better than we already have been able to do so far.

Company Overview

With its acquisition of a small but influential news agency, Acme Corp., a corporation focused on consumer products and services, has positioned itself as a major player in global information dissemination. Although officials have yet to make an official statement about their motivation for acquiring XXXX, speculation is rampant that they are making preparations for expansion into new industries such as healthcare and technology.

The company already has its hands in the automotive, retail, technology, entertainment, and financial sectors through such brands as Acme Auto Insurance, Acme Automotive see our Top-10 Best Car Insurance Companies list and Acme Federal Bank. It remains unclear whether other large corporations will follow suit or even if customers will react positively; it’s difficult to say whether there is any cause for concern at all.

Reason for the Acquisition

The reason for Acme’s acquisition of WXYZ is because of a decline in profits. In past years, companies would send news articles from local companies straight to PR representatives. However, more and more businesses are creating their own website and online presence. This has led to a decline in WXYZ’s sales, so Acme decided that it would be best if they acquired WXYZ.

Highlights from the Press Release

Based in Chicago, IL, Acme Corporation is a household name known for its home appliances and technology. Today, they are proud to announce their latest purchase an online news source they will rebrand as Acme News-Press. Under new ownership, updates on local issues and up-to-the-minute reporting will allow them to better serve their customers.

CEO Tad Smith had this to say about his company’s recent purchase: We strive every day at Acme Company to make life easier for our customers and we know that many of them rely on timely information from local sources.


When a news agency is acquired, there’s always a concern that some of its coverage will be influenced by its new owner. For years, critics have alleged that Fox News’ GOP-friendly coverage particularly when it comes to Donald Trump’s propped up by support from Republican party officials. I think Murdoch owns Trump, former Fox contributor Ralph Peters told The Huffington Post back in March 2016.

Analysis by Industry Experts

Back in March of 2016, Acme Corporation finalized a merger with Contoso and JKL. At that time, we hypothesized that such an acquisition would lead to massive layoffs. Although neither party officially disclosed how many employees were let go after finalizing the merger, our sources within company headquarters tell us a little more than 50% of all employees were laid off as part of that acquisition.

Needless to say, we were very close in our estimation and have started raising eyebrows among industry experts for being so accurate. With another big acquisition on its hands, there’s no doubt that Acme is likely headed for another major round of layoffs soon. Expect it by 2020 if not sooner. We will keep you updated as events unfold over time.

What’s Next for the Targeted Company

It’s been announced that a small news agency is going to be acquired by Acme Corporation. The small, 10-person agency specializes in developing and implementing strategic communications campaigns for organizations and individuals through a variety of media channels.

This includes but is not limited to print, web design and implementation, advertising placement, social media implementation, event hosting or creation as well as a wide range of other means. This acquisition is expected to increase Acme’s market share considerably.

Reactions to Social Media

As news of a possible acquisition begins to trickle out, there is an expected groundswell of reactions on social media. As always, it’s important to monitor what’s being said about your company or industry.

But in this case, you may be privy to key details that others don’t have and could use that information as a strategic advantage. For example, you might already know some of your competitors are looking at purchasing Bizzy News Agency and want that info out before they get a chance.

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