A Business Proposal Webtoon Review

Another proposal webtoon review has appeared on our TV screens, and it’s quite frankly a variation on Netflix’s business proposition.

I can definitely say that the artists chosen in this drama created by Kim Sejong, A Hyo Seep, Web Optimization in Nah, and Kim Min Kyu are amazing. The webtoon provides a sketch of what happens when you accidentally go to a pre-arranged meeting with your chef.

The story isn’t that long and follows the plot perfectly to attract readers looking for something to give them butterflies.

Job offers Webtoon Review

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Topics: office sensation, preset meeting, satire, life disruption

Otherwise called Workplace. In the run-up to the meeting, I made an appointment with the President

Authors: Perilla, Guava Homestead, and Narek

Number of tracks: 105 with individual chapters

Status: Completed

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This proposal webtoon review tells the story of Shin Ha-rig, a dedicated office specialist of the Singson Gathering Undertakings. He is Jim Yeong-such’s best friend and benefits from a united family. Once, Yeong-Suh asked Ha-rim to help him change them at a pre-arranged meeting. Ha-rig takes on the form of a seductive woman who is hated by a man she knows will be her ruler, Kang Tae-mu.

Hating that energy is wasted on trivial things, Tae-mu proposes to Ha-rig Kim Shin to use a fake name, leaving her depressed.

Ha-rim has honestly tried to hide her personality by staying away from him no matter what! Despite this, fate moves forward to help them meet at work.

Get to know the main characters

Shannah Ri

Shin Ha-rim is a sweet and obedient little girl. He is his family’s purveyor as his work benefits him and he gifted his family a chicken coop.

He is also inseparable from his close friend jinx Yeong-Suh, who often asks him for his help in navigating the last option at any pre-arranged appointment. Ha-rim is an extremely majestic and charming office lady whose character is fascinating.

Kang Tae-mu

Kang Tae-mu is the leader of the Singson Gathering Enterprises where Shin Ha-rid works. Her grandfather keeps teasing her about the marriage and arranges a fixed date for her. By chance, she meets Kim Shin Shin Ha-rib’s fictional character, whom she wants to marry.

He doesn’t know that Kim Shin is really his deputy Shin Ha-rib. By all accounts, Tae-mu appears cold and overly gruff, and most of his subordinates are afraid to speak to him, but he seems to be changing slowly and his mild temperament is showing.

jinn Yeong Suh

Jen Yeong-Suh is Ha-rip’s best friend. Yeong-sun is a beneficiary of the organization and her father organized a pre-arranged meeting for her to meet Kang Tae-mu.

He really hates arranging scheduled dates and relationships because he needs to make a deal with the person he loves. He gives the impression that he is strong-willed and has the strength to be with both his family and Hari.

Cha Sonhood

Cha Sung Hood is Tae-mu’s secretary. He is also Tae-mu’s friend and understanding brother. Sung Huon appears to be extremely competent and only survives thanks to the scheme of helping Tae-mu during office hours. His reality will slowly changes when he unexpectedly meets Jim Yeong-such.

why should you understand

Although the webtoon is set as a Korean drama, it has several episodes that have been adapted to our TV screens. The story may be a bit boring, but it brings butterflies to its readers A business proposal is one of those webtoons with extremely mundane dramatizations, unlike other verifiable thematic webtoons.

One thing I like about this proposal webtoon review is that I like the story’s action, the flow of people, and the fact that the story isn’t overly compelling with a lot of side stories. This webtoon will most likely play with your heart positively and wish it to continue forever.

All in all, you can agree with me that Korean drama leaders are flawlessly judged against webtoon characters. 😉

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